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Hotel NashvilleClient: Hotel Nashville

Launched: 09/25/2007

Site: www.hotelnashville.com


Hotel Nashville is a highly-successful lodging establishment in Nashville, Indiana.  The new site created by Harris/George is  specifically designed to showcase the beautiful and spacious facilities.

Frequently Asked Questions...

How much does a web site cost?

A lot of factors go into determining the fee for a web site, but primarily it boils down to how interactive you want the site to be, what type of features you have in mind and the aesthetics of the site design. If you are wanting a site mainly for advertising purposes, you probably won't be concerned about a shopping cart, a calendar or an inventory feature. On the otherhand, if you are wanting randomly swapped images, a self-adminstered calendar of events and the option of incorporating banner ads, that adds to the development and design costs.


Do you offer site hosting?

Yes, we offer standard hosting packages starting at $35 a month and secure SSL packages starting at $45 a month.


How long does it take to create a web site?

Again, that depends upon various factors: the complexity of the site requirements and programming, whether or not site copy and/or photos are being provided or if we are expected to do those, is there an available logo to build a design around or are we developing a site from scratch, how soon the needed materials are made available to us, the timeliness of responses to questions we have, etc. On average, Harris-George delivers basic sites in four to six weeks, intermediate sites in six to eight weeks, and technical sites in 10 to 12 weeks.


Why do you do a proposal before starting on a site?

Our written proposals are blueprints containing a general description of a site's functionality and recommendations as to what the site would do. The proposals are meant to serve as a "map" as to what each page would do, how visitors would navigate through the site, and a general description as to each page's content. Proposals are never meant as "take it or leave it offers", but rather are meant as general descriptions as to how the site would function.


What kind of programming do you use?

The primary technologies we incorporate are Adobe Cold Fusion for server-side scripting, Adobe Flash for animated components, and Sun Microsystems MySQL for database development. We prefer custom programming for any site requiring animation, randomization, database development, etc., as most software applications have inherent limitations or adaptation issues. Custom programming our sites also allows for nuances that may be required from one site to another.

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